Studying Anthropology and Sociology (A&S) at Lafayette gives students a strong grounding in cultural difference and diversity as well as social forms and processes on a global scale. Our courses stimulate critical thinking, requiring students to re-examine their assumptions and challenge conventional wisdom. Through engagement with A&S courses, Lafayette students develop a sharper awareness of cultural and social complexity across different contexts around the world. Students graduate from A&S with a strong grounding in classical and contemporary sociocultural theory, while having the opportunity to learn about different research methods and advance their own original research projects. Anthropology and Sociology courses effectively prepare students for professional lives that require strong analytic and research capabilities and the capacity to work effectively in diverse or cross-cultural environments.



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Student Research

The A&S Department is highly supportive of student research through coursework, independent studies, EXCEL Scholars projects, and senior theses.

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Courses introduce you to the themes of anthropology, sociology, and their focus on theory and methodology

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