The A&S Department is highly supportive of student research through coursework, independent studies, study abroad, EXCEL, and senior theses. In addition, the department supports student research through its Ethnographic Research Fund. As outlined in the deed of gift, the fund’s purpose is “to provide funding for students studying Anthropology and Sociology to participate in field study and ethnographic research focused on global concerns.” The deadlines for applications for support from the Ethnographic Research Fund are November 1, 2019 and April 1, 2020. Application information is available here: ERF-announcement-2019-20

Some examples of recent independent studies, honors theses, and student research projects include the following: marriage ideals among female college students; the role of folklore in Italian communities; the social roots of childhood obesity; collective memory in Easton; perception of social ties in urban and suburban areas; a comparison of medical outcomes between socialized medicine and the American health care system; and group ethnographies of Roseto, Pa., Lafayette College football fans, the Easton Circle, and high school wrestling.

Details on specific projects: