Sarah Winslow (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Clemson University) will present a lecture on “Gender Inequality and Time Allocations among Academic Faculty” on Friday, January 28th from 4:10 to 5:15 pm in the Gendebein Room, Skillman Library.

Description: Although much has changed since the 1991 publication of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s report on the status of women in the sciences, which detailed substantial inequalities in space, salary paid from grants, teaching assignments, and inclusion on important decision-making committees, more recent data indicate that gender inequality persists in the academy. Grounded in a general discussion of the demands and context of academic employment, Dr. Winslow will focus on empirical analyses of faculty members’ allocation of time to teaching and research, conceptualizing these—and the mismatch between preferred and actual time allocations—as further examples of gender inequality in academia. Her findings shed light on how gender inequality is both produced and maintained in this aspect of academic employment and have implications for job satisfaction, productivity, and the recruitment and retention of current and future faculty members, especially women.

Sponsored by the American Studies Program, the Anthropology and Sociology Department, the Government and Law Department, the Psychology Department, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program