We are pleased to announce two new anthropology courses for the fall 2011 semester:  The Anthropology of Violence and Archeology (details on both courses below).  We hope you’ll find room in your schedules for these great new offerings!

The Anthropology of Violence (A&S 258)

MW 12:45 – 2pm

Professor Schrag

Course Description:  Violence often plays a role in social change as well as in the maintenance of social institutions. This course examines violence in its immediate, structural, and symbolic forms as a force that dissolves as well as consolidates the bounds of self and community. The class takes a cross-cultural approach to topics such as warfare, terrorism, torture, policies of neglect and exploitation, media depictions of violence, violence in religious ritual, and nonviolent alternatives to conflict.

Archeology (A&S 257)

TR 2:45 – 4:00 pm

Professor Cipolla

Course Description:  Archaeologists reconstruct the past by locating and analyzing traces left behind by earlier societies. This course introduces students to the history, theory, methods, and applications of archaeology while exploring human history from the field’s unique perspective. Topics of focus include human origins, the evolution of tool technology, the emergence of “art” and symbolism, the peopling of the Americas, the domestication of plants and animals, and the rise of complex civilizations. Regional foci span the entire globe.