On April 16, 2013 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm (Kirby 104), Dr. Gerson will be lecturing on her most recent book, The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work, and Family (Oxford University Press, paperback, 2011, hardback, 2010), which examines how new generations have experienced growing up amid changing families and blurring gender boundaries. The Unfinished Revolution shows how irreversible but incomplete change has created a growing clash between new egalitarian ideals and resistant social institutions. Although young women and men hope to fashion flexible, egalitarian gender strategies, they are falling back on less desirable options that foster a new gender divide between “self-reliant” women and “neo-traditional” men. The solution to these 21st century conundrums is to finish the gender revolution by creating more flexible, egalitarian workplaces and child-supportive communities.

A book signing will follow the lecture in the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights lobby.

Kathleen Gerson is Professor of Sociology and Collegiate Professor of Arts and Science at New York University.