Please join us in congratulating A&S majors who have recently been awarded accolades:

Hollis Miller ’15 (anthropology and sociology/geology) received the James L. Dyson Geology Award. Presented annually to students majoring in geology who, by academic achievements and character, exemplify the ideals by which James L. Dyson lived and worked.

Robyn Henderek ’15 (anthropology and sociology/geology) received the Ted and Georgia Metropolis Prize in Geology. Awarded to a junior or senior geology major who has exhibited high academic achievement and demonstrated enthusiasm for geology and environmental geosciences both inside and outside the classroom and through service.

Danyelle Smith ’14 (Africana studies/anthropology and sociology) received the Africana Studies Scholastic Award. Awarded to a student selected by Africana Studies Program faculty who has demonstrated academic excellence and potential for future leadership in American society.

Leah Godin ’14 (anthropology and sociology/women’s and gender studies) and David Robinson ’14 (anthropology and sociology) received the Paul Bernon Memorial Prize in Sociology.  Awarded each year by the faculty in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology to the graduating senior(s) most outstanding in sociology.

Leah Godin ’14 (anthropology and sociology/women’s and gender studies) also received two other awards. She received the Professor Susan A. Basow Prize (awarded to graduating seniors who have made a significant contribution to the field of women’s and gender studies) and a People’s Choice Award at the Aaron O. Hoff Awards ceremony (given to students or employees known as unusually productive and concerned for the betterment of the College and its student body).

Elizabeth Hannigan ’14 (anthropology and sociology/government and law) received the Eugene P. Chase Government Prize. Awarded annually to the student who has, in the judgment of the Department of Government and Law, submitted the best written exposition in the field of political science during the academic year.

Julia Ben-Asher ’14 (psychology/anthropology and sociology) received the Jeremy Saxe Award. Awarded to a graduating senior who best exemplifies the ideals of academic achievement and intellectual curiosity, personal engagement in the community, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

Carlos Barata ’14 (anthropology and sociology/music) received the Lafayette Alumni of the Lehigh Valley Performing Arts Award. Awarded annually to Lafayette seniors either residing in the greater Lehigh Valley, or who graduated from a greater Lehigh Valley high school, who have made a significant contribution to Lafayette’s performing arts program while demonstrating academic achievement.

At the annual Intercultural Awards, Iris Xu ’17 (anthropology and sociology) won the Rising Star Award, which is given to a first-year student who has demonstrated commitment to intercultural campus engagement and potential for greatness in the years to come.