Department faculty worked this year to commemorate two beloved alumnae majors with awards in their memory for outstanding current students.

Carolyn Byington ’15 Award for Global Citizenship.

This award is given to a senior A&S major selected by department faculty for outstanding service and/or scholarship aimed at enhancing transnational and intercultural understanding. This departmental award is in memory of Carolyn Byington ’15, a double A&S/IA major passionate about responsible global citizenship. Department faculty will submit nominations in January of students outstanding in their pursuit of service and/or scholarship in global education conceived of broadly, and in February faculty will vote preferentially for nominees.

Amanda Miner ’18 Award for Campus and A&S Department Leadership.

This award is given to a senior A&S major selected by A&S majors and minors in recognition of their significant engagement in the A&S Department and Lafayette campus and their leadership in promoting the welfare of others. This award is in memory of Amanda Miner ’18, an A&S major with a contagious love of learning about the world, exploring community, and fostering positive change through anthropology and sociology. The A&S Department Head will solicit nominations from A&S majors and minors in January and majors and minors will vote in February for the nominees.