Two of our fantastic senior majors are finalists for the Pepper Prize! Learn more about Tyler Cook and Lauren Phillips-Jackson here, and don’t forget to vote:

Both Tyler and Lauren credit A&S with contributing to their evolution while at Lafayette.

In her statement, Lauren says, “The A&S Department has been my intellectual home, encouraging my curiosity and thirst for knowledge and guiding me to analyze the world around me through theories of violence, oppression, and resistance. With their support I have pursued opportunities to promote social and environmental justice in the here-and-now while building the insights and competencies I will need to pursue a public policy career in the future.”

In his statement, Tyler says, “As a Black queer man I’ve always felt like this outsider looking in, that I was invisible and hyper-visible simultaneously. However, it wasn’t until I got exposed to A&S and English courses on the work of Black scholars who challenge the Western literary canon that I found purpose. Black feminist theory and queer literature is revolutionary because it’s a site where one can re-imagine alternative worlds outside of oppressive structures. It is a space that illuminates the power of intersectionality and asserts the unlearning and relearning required for us to build a community of individuality but also peoplehood. As I continued reading Black literature and learning about my identity, the more I felt empowered to start contributing to this world-making on campus.”

Congratulations Tyler and Lauren! We are so excited about the impact you will make after graduation.

Picture of Lauren Phillips-Jackson Picture of Tyler Cook