On March 21st, the A&S Club hosted a Zoom panel with recent alums working in marketing, consulting, and other industries. The discussion and Q&A was wide-ranging, covering topics from how alums applied anthro and soc insights in their jobs, to misconceptions about for-profit work, to how to frame their experiences in the major for employers. Alums also discussed how to decided whether business school was the right choice, and their experiences there for those who did. Many thanks to Becca Scott and Natalia Baez for helping to organize, and to Meagan Betke ’13 (Fordham MBA/Kiss Products, Inc.), Sarah Geller ’17 (MBA/MPH Dartmouth/Oak Street Health), Luis Gomez ’17 (Deloitte Greenhouse), Stacy Gordon ’19 (Northeastern MBA/NQR), and Keon Modeste ’21 (IBM) for generously sharing their time and insights with our students!