Required Course Work for A&S Majors:

The Anthropology and Sociology major consists of at least 10 courses in the department.  Students majoring are required to take the following core courses:

  • Cultural Anthropology (102)
  • Introduction to Sociology (103)
  • Research Methods and Design (200)
  • Theories of Society (342)

In addition, students must complete five additional elective courses in the department.

Double Majoring or Minoring in A&S

Students may choose to combine their studies in A&S with another discipline by double majoring or minoring in A&S.  Popular double majors include combining A&S with American Studies, English, Government and Law, History, Psychology, Economics and Business, Biology, or Art.

Requirements for Minor

The minor in Anthropology and Sociology consists of six courses: two chosen from among 102, 103, and 342, and four additional courses selected in consultation with the minor adviser.