Professor Mónica Salas Landa, the A&S Department, and A&S students are collaborating with Skillman Library to bring the Hostile Terrain 94 participatory exhibition to Lafayette College this Fall, along with a number of events exploring the systemic, systematic, and deadly impacts of the US Border Patrol’s “Prevention through Deterrence” (PTD). Hostile Terrain is part of the Undocumented Migration Project, “a long-term anthropological study of clandestine movement between Latin America and the United States that uses ethnography, archaeology, visual anthropology, and forensic science to understand this violent social process and raise awareness through research, education, and public outreach.” The Undocumented Migration Project is directed by anthropologist and MacArthur 2017 Genius Award Winner Jason De León. Events will include community workshops to fill out tags. All events are open to students in anthropology and sociology courses and the campus community. Professors Salas-Landa, Neha Vora, Caroline Lee, Lissa Crane, and Tyler Adkins will be integrating Hostile Terrain programming into Latin American Ethnography,  Theories of Society, Introduction to Sociology, and Introduction to Cultural Anthropology classes. IA major Alex Ruiz and A&S major Becca Scott will be assisting in the production and management of the exhibition and workshops. Join us!