To prepare for the installation of Hostile Terrain 94, the Lafayette College community will be coming together to participate in a workshop of reflection to recognize those who have lost their lives while crossing the U.S./Mexico border. Workshops will take place Monday through Friday, September 6th through October 1st from 12-1PM and 4-5PM in Skillman Library’s Simon Room.

HT94 is made up of handwritten toe tags that represent each person who has died in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. These tags include names (when known), age, sex, cause of death, condition of body, and location for every person whose body has been recovered. The tags are then placed on a wall map in the exact location where those remains were found.

This workshop will ask volunteers to fill out the toe tags and bear witness to the humanitarian crisis that is happening at our southern border. We are hoping for individuals to emotionally connect with the information being conveyed on the tags, to memorialize and stand in solidarity with these lost lives, and to take part in the greater migration conversation.

Hostile Terrain 94 is part of the Undocumented Migration Project, and was brought to Lafayette by A&S Profs. Mónica Salas Landa and Neha Vora. See the flyer link below for more information about the workshops.

close up of tag

Tag-filling workshop flyer